Suspense Novel–WISH :

Maddie McGuire has endured too much loss for someone her age. Not just one, but both parents have died–her mother, from cancer and her dad–suicide… at least that’s what she’s been led to for the past two years. When she discovers a list consisting of twenty-three names—one of them, her mother; all of them dead—she’s convinced it’s more than just a coincidence. Was her mom’s death caused by something more than cancer? Had her New York City cop dad found out? Was his “suicide” really murder, instead? And what if the answer was “yes” to one or more of these questions? Who could she turn to for help?

An innocent trip to Macy’s, a wish at the Believe-Meter, and the magical line up of five 12’s, just days before Christmas, all combine together to make her wish come true: to see her father once more and to discover the truth about her parents’ deaths. What follows is a week-long roller-coaster ride filled with more danger-filled twists and turns than she ever could’ve imagined. But in the end, would she face the same fate as her parents?

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