“Up Until Now”—A Lesson I Learned from my Cousin

Most children have a naturally indomitable spirit. They truly believe they can be anybody or anything by just saying it. An astronaut? You bet! A doctor? Where’s my stethoscope? President of the United States? Piece of cake! But what do I do after lunch?

However, somewhere along the way that super-hero confidence fades when well-meaning adults disguised as the “reality police” carelessly trod that “I can do anything” attitude deep into the muck and mire of life. Each time those impressionable ears hear, “you can’t,” confidence withers. And by the time they’re adults, the beautiful, exuberant spirit has often become as dried-up as dead leaves; crunchy and brown. It then gets replaced by something fake and plastic — an artificial face they show the world as grown- ups. Confidence can be trampled under foot for only so long. Inevitably the words “you can’t…” become “I can’t….”

Specifics vary, but the root is the same… I can’t. It’s like singing different verses of the same song over and over again. I’ve said those awful words myself–more times than I care to remember–but thanks to my cousin, I’ve got a brand new outlook on life.

Angela won’t allow the words, “I can’t” to be spoken in her presence. She’s a confidence coach with boat-loads of positive energy, helping others to say, “up until now, I’ve never ____ (fill in the blank with your choice of activities.) That simple statement works wonders. It causes one to read between the lines: just because I haven’t done this particular thing before doesn’t mean I can’t do it. It just means I haven’t done it yet.

What a wonderful thing it is to feel that child-like confidence returning; growing; stretching its wings and ready to fly.

Thanks, Angela.

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