North Carolina Society of Historians Awards Magnolia Blossoms with Clark Cox Award

Judges’ Collective Comments: “Our panel has been intact for the past several years now and we have had the privilege of reading Ms. Sain’s first two books in the trilogy. May we state we are very sorry to see this story end…even though it ended as it did (we don’t want to give away the ending so as not to ruin it for future readers). Ms. Sain has a true knowledge of history on many levels as her characters live during different eras through major historical events. Her range and scope seem to be enormous. She has paid meticulous attention to detail, whether it is regarding a place, a person’s feelings/thoughts, speech pattern or event; and, emotions are genuinely felt by the reader as they becom involved in the story, rather than with the story.

The author has used an eminently readable style thus not losing the reader with too many characters doing too much at any given time. We were always aware of what was going on and who was involved and why. This is importants as it engages readers to a point that, when the book is put down, they cannot wait to pick it back up.”

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