Living with Alzheimer’s–The story continues…

I’m writing another GRITS* novel, but this one is a little different than the others. Yes, it’s still set in the South. I chose Amelia Island this time, home of Fernandina Beach, in the northernmost part of Florida, just across the river from Georgia right on the Atlantic. This is the place I spent a week every summer for most of my childhood, a place where happy memories abound. If you’ve never visited, I highly recommend it. Fernandina Beach is a beautiful, historic town with LOTS of Victorian architecture.

This time my GRITS-girl is Lacey, and her mother has Alzheimer’s, just like my mom. Because of the subject-matter, this book is a little “darker” than what I usually write. I guess I’m using it as a sort of therapy. Writing this story has been cathartic for me; a way to filter out some of the sadness, frustration, even anger as I deal with this terrible disease. Alzheimer’s is monster that slowly sucks out all that makes a person who they are, leaving only the outer shell, which is disconcerting. I mean, they look the same; they should act that way, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

My mom is a big reason of why I love to read and write so much, and just like Lacey’s mom in the book, many, many students knew my mama as the “Reading Lady.” She read hundreds of books to thousands of children over the years, but Alzheimer’s has stolen that woman away.

While I’m almost done with the first draft of this book, it’ll be a while before it will be available since there are two other novels in line before it—the wheels turn very slowly in the publishing world—but I wanted to let you know and I’ll try to keep you updated. While you’re waiting, I encourage you to read a copy of one of my other novels. It’ll make the time go more quickly. I promise. See my website: for information. Meanwhile, if you think about it, please pray for my family.


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