Introducing … Carol Heilman

I’m excited to introduce you to my dear friend and wonderful author, Carol Heilman. Carol’s newest book will be released this fall, and believe me, I can’t wait to get a copy of it in my eager, little hands!

Now, let’s get to know Carol better.

Carol, what are you working on?
My editor, Andrea Merrell, and I are editing and polishing and revising my book before publication in October of 2014. Even the book’s title is not set in stone. Some possibilities are: At The Bridge, The Bridge to Nowhere, and Agnes Hopper’s Bridge to Retirement.

How does your work differ from others of its genre?
My heroine, Agnes, is a feisty seventy-year-old and a widow. She becomes the voice for her new friends in a small-town retirement home.

Why do you write what you do?
I have always enjoyed older people and have volunteered in assisted-living homes for many years. I have listened to seniors as they shared their hopes, their fears and concerns, and their wisdom. I feel honored to speak for them.

How does your writing process work?
Usually I begin with a particular character, or characters, who face a major crisis and have to take action. I try to give them as much freedom as possible, and listen to their stories. I think fiction is just plain fun!

Thanks, Carol. I can’t wait to read this book!
Please visit Carol’s website to learn more about this wonderful lady!

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