Hoax–Amelia Island Suspense Book Two

Hoax is really two stories in one—past and present—intertwining the tale of Inuit runaway, Delilah Edmunton’s love affair with both painting and her mentor, JD Campbell, then swinging back to the present, where JD’s granddaughter, Lacey uncovers the shocking fact that she has a half-brother who could feasibly destroy everything for which she’d worked so hard.

When Lacey’s strange premonitory dreams begin again—visions of snarling canines and dangerous Inuit knives—past experience tells her that danger isn’t far behind. With her police-chief fiancé, Ford Jamison, she struggles to preserve her famous grandfather’s artistic legacy while searching for the mysterious brother she never knew existed. As she pursues the truth, she risks losing everything—her future with Ford, her precious restaurant, Black Pearl and even her life.

As tension grows, so does danger until past and present collide with a surprising twist. Can Lacey escape the peril, outwit her hidden adversary, and reveal the biggest Hoax of all?


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