Explaining “GRITS”

Serving you GRITS one bowl at a time

Now, I’m not talking about grits, mind you. No…it’s “GRITS.”

Okay, let me explain. Some of you might not realize there’s a difference. And some of you might not even know what either one is. Bless your hearts.

The technical definition of grits is: stone-ground dried hominy, slowed cooked in water or milk and served piping hot with a pat or two of butter.


Every true Southerner grew up on them, but I had a friend in college (from north of the Mason-Dixon Line) who, when we were served grits for breakfast one morning, remarked, “What’s a grit?” I tried to explain, only to have her reply, “Maybe I’ll try one.” One grit? Uh… o-kaaay.

But GRITS is an acronym that stands for: “Girls-Raised-In-The-South.”

Now, I’m a Southern girl through and through, and except for a short time during my first year when my dad was stationed at Newport, Rhode Island (I can’t remember it, so it doesn’t really count!), I’ve lived here my whole life. I’m proud of that. I always set my books in the South, with the exception of WISH, which was set in New York City. (I’m sorry, the story had to be told.) Each of my protagonists are strong, creative, successful Southern women—GRITS, if you will. No, they’re not perfect, but they overcome some pretty big obstacles, and end up stronger and more confident at the end. I didn’t really plan a series; it sort of just happened that way. Personally, I think it was the characters fault. They are the ones who wanted the series. I just let them have their way.

So, grab your spoon and get ready for your serving of GRITS.*

*Three novels for this series are already written…just waiting to find a publisher who will publish them.


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