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  • Half-Moon Lake

    Newest GRITS novel – Half-MoonLake

    When Kathryn Dorne is summoned to Half-Moon Lake for the reading of her father’s will, she discovers a shocking truth: everything in her life—including her name—is a lie.

    Learning that her name is Katelyn Eubanks is only the first surprise. Second, she had an identical twin sister who drowned at the age of nine. Since Katelyn can’t remember anything prior to that age, it seems more than mere coincidence. The biggest surprise is that her father, a man she never knew existed, left his entire estate to her, enraging other would-be heirs.

    With her unremembered, but closest childhood friend, Levi, as well as help from the estate’s deaf-mute gardener, and the outspoken cook, Katelyn searches for answers to questions that have plagued her all her life, but doing so, opens the proverbial Pandora’s box. As her memories return, so does the terrible danger she escaped fifteen years earlier.

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  • Red Curtains

    Cleo Davis must find a model for her senior art project or she won’t graduate. When she discovers Lily Telfair-Gordon, she gets more than just an eccentric old woman who spouts famous quotes, talks to ghosts, and wears a weird hat. Lily has unwittingly stumbled upon a counterfeiting ring, and Cleo gets dragged right into the middle of it.

    Jonas Holmes, an investigative reporter for the local paper, is asking the question: why do bodies of homeless men keep showing up in the river? But the homeless are scared and won’t talk to him. When he finds Cleo and Lily, he thinks his problems are solved; he doesn’t realize that they’re just beginning.

    While romance blossoms between Cleo and Jonas, they work together to see how the two things are connected, but will they find out before it’s too late?

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  • Wish

    Suspense Novel–WISH :

    Maddie McGuire has endured too much loss for someone her age. Not just one, but both parents have died–her mother, from cancer and her dad–suicide… at least that’s what she’s been led to for the past two years. When she discovers a list consisting of twenty-three names—one of them, her mother; all of them dead—she’s convinced it’s more than just a coincidence. Was her mom’s death caused by something more than cancer? Had her New York City cop dad found out? Was his “suicide” really murder, instead? And what if the answer was “yes” to one or more of these questions? Who could she turn to for help?

    An innocent trip to Macy’s, a wish at the Believe-Meter, and the magical line up of five 12’s, just days before Christmas, all combine together to make her wish come true: to see her father once more and to discover the truth about her parents’ deaths. What follows is a week-long roller-coaster ride filled with more danger-filled twists and turns than she ever could’ve imagined. But in the end, would she face the same fate as her parents?

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  • Magnolia Blossoms

    Third Book in the “Gate” Trilogy–Magnolia Blossoms :

    Maggie Poinsett, hard-nosed photographer for National Geographic magazine, doesn’t look or act like a “Sweet Magnolia”—the name her mother gave her at birth, nor does she believe in ghosts.

    But while on vacation with her parents at Golden Apple Farm, a bed-and-breakfast in the mountains of western North Carolina, she meets the ghost of Thomas MacKinlay, a Civil War soldier shot for the crime of desertion.

    She’s obsessed with saving Thomas and when the full moon opens the gate, she steps through it into the midst of our nation’s most deadly hour—the Civil War. Disguising herself as a. . . (More)

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  • Return to Nowhere

    Second Book  in the “Gate” Trilogy–Return to Nowhere :

    It is 1847 and the only way Charlotte MacKinlay can achieve her dream of being a doctor is by learning Cherokee “green medicine,” but she needs a teacher and the Cherokee Indians have all been forced West. Traveling back in time is her only answer. Unfortunately, her return brings her face-to-face with her biggest challenge yet…

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  • Gate to Nowhere

    First Book  in the “Gate” Trilogy–Gate to Nowhere :

    Leanna’s first suspense novel, Gate to Nowhere, won the ForeWord magazine’s 2008 Book of the Year Award in general fiction and the North Carolina Society of Historians Clark Cox Historical Fiction Award.

    Free-lance artist Emma Franklin inherits a farm in MacKinlay, North Carolina and stumbles upon a mystery involving the town’s namesake, a man despised and scorned by everyone she meets. Determined to unravel the puzzle, she steps through an old rusty gate in front of her farmhouse and is suddenly thrust 177 years into the past.

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