A Visit with The Well Red Ladies

Last year, I met a new friend at Mountain Makin’s, an annual event in Morristown, TN, that features local artisans, crafters and musicians and lots of good food. They have an area just for authors where I’m lucky enough to have a table. IMG_1562Carol Vander Zee and I hit it off, and immediately became friends. An invitation to her book club, Well Red Ladies, soon followed. Due to life throwing delays her way and mine, it was only recently that I was able to schedule the visit with the WRL. One word can describe the visit: DELIGHTFUL!

First, Carol’s home is wonderful. She’s quite an artist and I could see her touch everywhere, starting with her beautiful yard. She prepared a yummy luncheon (I begged for recipes), and I was welcomed into their group like an old friend.

Afterward, I was able to talk about how I started writing, my process of writing a novel, and where I get my ideas. Since they’d all read and discussed the first book of my trilogy, I read a selection from book two and three. They were the first group to see the cover art of my newest novel…hopefully to be released in October: Red Curtains.

We weren’t able to take a group picture, but here are some individuals of the ladies.IMG_1543 (2) I’m looking forward to meeting with them again in the future!

IMG_1546 (1)

IMG_1545 (2)

IMG_1544 (1)

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