A note to my readers…

Recently, a friend of mine expressed a bit of concern about the murder scenes from my newest novel, Hush. I have to say, at first I sort of blew it off. I mean, it’s a suspense novel, right? And it clearly states on the back cover that there’s a serial killer on the loose, so what was the problem?

But then I recalled the local NPR interview I had last month. The interviewer asked me how I’d been able to write those scenes so realistically. I told him I really didn’t know how I’d done it; that, to be honest, it worried me a little to think about having those kinds of thoughts in my head. What kind of person was I?

But I had a revelation during that interview that answers that question. I already knew that writing Hush was a sort of therapy for me. Watching my mother die from Alzheimer’s was one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced. Having my main character, Lacey, going through the same things with her mother helped me get through it. We walked that journey together. I knew that. What I didn’t realize until that interview was this: when I wrote those murder scenes, I actually became the murderer in my head. But instead of choking a person, I imagined I was choking Alzheimer’s. My goal was to kill that horrible disease.

So, I just wanted to put that explanation out there to those of you who have read my books in the past and are kind of surprised by those scenes in Hush. I’ll admit they’re realistic. Not something that will give you nightmares, but they’re pretty vivid. Just know … those scenes are short and only interspersed through the story. It’s not the MAIN thing. Everybody has loved the book. Even the couple who were a little creeped-out by the murders, loved the story.

Now you can read it while understanding what’s behind the story. If you haven’t read it yet, please do. And don’t forget to write a review on Amazon!

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